Stopped into Iron Blue today, thought I would take a few pix (With permission) to post for the curious. Its nice to have a shop that is close to where I live in the NW. They are a supporter of this forum so please support them. Really nice selection of fly gear, equipment, and especially good and a pleasant surprise fly tying materials that are nicely focused to the local and traveling tier. Picked up a nice Simms wading staff that I have been thinking about. Have a look at the gorgeous nets if you are there. Well worth the trip to Dalhousie Station.







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Was itching to get out on the water and wanted a quick trip. Really wanted to hit some small water but time was a factor as we had company coming in the morning. Decided on the south part of the Bow River.  Packed up the waders, fly box and various bits of gear and headed out. Walking down the hill to the water I could see a couple of guys fishing the stretch I was thinking about. No problem, a good stretch of the legs would put me into a few deep runs where I had pinched big fish before.

I started nymphing with a couple of small stones and a prince. Not much action for the first hour. Changed up on the next run to a brace of wet flies and was rewarded with two small rainbows in a row about 14 to 16 inches in fairly fast riffles. Working my way downstream I was flanked on the upper bank by a couple of coyotes that paced me slowly and kept appearing every half hour or so. The next stretch was long and smooth but deep. Usually a good bet in the evening for dry fly but it is winter and you never know.  With the season change and the cold, fish are moving into their wintering holes. There was a solid Chinook blowing so It could men some dry fly action.

There where a couple of small trout bulging just out of reach. Isn’t that the way, they always seem a bit out of reach. I could just make out a mini Blue Wing Olive hatch way out there on the water.  They moved and changed in a small cloud, so I changed up to a small deer hair Serendipity emerger. The water was walking speed so it was nice fishing, with long smooth presentations. Then I spotted the tailfin budge and almost break water.  Stood for a bit without casting and was rewarded with a very impressive tail that flicked drops.

Didn’t see another budge but on intuition I made a soft cast with the rod a few feet above the spot figuring that the fish would move forward after breaking the film.  Felt a soft nudge then nothing. Decided to wait and could just make out another light budge about four feet above where I felt the take.  It was so subtle I wasn’t sure I saw it.  It was getting on toward evening and the Crows where gathering up into a huge flock. Did you know that a flock of crows is called a murder? I think it was a foreboding of things to come.

Changed up to a small BWO emerger that I tie and waited a bit. The fish had drifted back into its original position but still fed about a foot below the surface. There are times in fishing that a cast feels perfect. Not the clumsy wind blow ones or even those good ones that are a bit high before they come down. I always love the casts that straighten out above the surface then land lightly without seeming to mar the surface film. A bit of soap that I carry makes sure that the leader sinks and it drifts at the right depth. The coyotes where now mousing in the adjoining field.

Nudge again very lightly almost like when you tap the rod softly with a knuckle.  Lifted the rod to set the hook and all hell broke loose with a big rainbow smashing into a deep run. Turned the rod toward the bank and felt a solid fish. Then he jumped; I could hear the fly line hissing through the water surface trying to follow the fish into the air. There are certain fish that stand out for me. I don’t know why but I get this snapshot in my mind that often recurs with certain fish. This one is there burned into my collection of memorable times. The Trout was a really large, one of biggest I have had the honor to fight on the Bow. It seemed to hang in mid air far to long then, we made quick eye contact, then it hit the water with one of those slicing, wild, headshaking, deep runs that get the blood going. I lifted my rod tip up, having lowered it for the leap and as the rod came up to meet the fishes deep run I heard a loud crack that seemed to go right through me. Well I must say I don’t scare easy but that sound really did me in for a couple of seconds and I froze. Man it was loud like the crack of a whip or a small firecracker.  At first I didn’t now what had happened.

Glancing at the top of my rod I saw it was now a neat stub. The Rainbow broaching deep and I watched helpless as the top section of the Fly Rod slowly slide down the fly line to disappear into the dark water. So now this 25 plus inch rainbow is really pissed with this total new feel to the line and decided to try to do another high jump.  The fish just don’t seem to get the full gravely of the situation. Here I was with an expensive rod broken, and that’s enough to take in for me at the moment but this fish took to the air again.  Here I stand on the Bank of the Bow the fish high in the air again, the line bowed between me and the fish, hanging in the middle as the line sliced out of the water on both sides till it hit the broken tip that had just broached surface.

Now there are times in life where action isn’t possible but life seems to take It’s own path not asking you for a second what you think, or how it should play out. This was one of them, the fish was in the air, and the broken rod tips tension released its hold on the water surface and twanged up into the air like rock star banging out a chord. The Rainbow trout threw the hook and out of balance smacked down in a crazy body flop throwing up an ungraceful splash of water and instantly disappearing from sight. My focus was now on the rod tip.  It was fascinating, released of its line it expelled its earthly energy in one last graceful summersault high into the air and seem to hang for a second in the gathering dusk and then it plunged down and hit the water tip first in a neat dive into about thirty feet of deep water.

Perhaps sometimes after the flood next year it will be deposited on shore and some fellow angler will puzzle at the broken section with tip attached.  I stared out over the water in the gathering dusk, the decision having been made for me about further fishing, I headed back to the parking area with my stub of a rod. In the last Sixty years of fishing this was the only time I ever had a fly rod break on a fish. Certainly it was an odd feeling. Walking back to the truck the coyotes started their mournful howl behind me. Imagining it was for my broken rod I smiled and hiked up to the truck.



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Parmachene Bell classic wet fly

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My mother lost her battle with Cancer on Friday. She now rests with the angels. She who along with Dad who predeceased her, taught me to tie flies, have patience, love life and how to see nature with new eyes will be sadly and always missed. My world will be a lesser place.

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A Bit Of Doube Handed High Water Action


Hectic lately with my Mom in the last stages of Cancer and  running around doing freelance design. Needed a couple of “me” hours Thursday night so I grabbed a the Meiser rod, my Hardy bag, wading staff and headed down to the NW portion not far from my place.  Did not have a lot of evening time so close is good. The hail that ran havoc with my garden was over and heat and a bit of drizzle met me by the rivers edge which of course is still up and heavy running.  Was nice to be by the water again even if it was double & double color.




For me water melts away the stresses of the day. Sat for a while and watched water,,  there was a nice little back channel  where I saw a couple of rises. Both where half hearted and I assumed that they where false hits at debris.  That was the only surface action I saw and opted for a double streamer rig.  Working the edges had a couple of nips that where half hearted.  Then a nice solid flashing cartwheeling piece of dynamite that had his flying license and decided be airborne instead of waterborne. He took me on a great fight included a couple of deep runs and with the heavy flow almost got the upper hand.  That was it for the evening, a couple more  short hits from fish and then a couple of small  rainbows a bit bigger than my hand.

All and all a satisfying evening if you’re going out please be careful the edges are still shaky and there where areas I would not walk close to. Pick your paths before hand.  And keep safe.

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Need tips on places to fish and what to use and where it’s legal to fish

I want to get out fly fishing and want tips as to where exactly to go as I am much to lazy to drive around myself and explore the great variety of waters that are all around us. So as much detail as possible please. Pictures of spots would be great. After all why waste my time when I can suck others into telling me what it sometimes takes a lifetime to figure out.

Also could you send me the exact GPS coordinates to spots on all these lakes streams and rivers as I don’t want to take the time to walk around and figure out where the fish are because I would rather rip off someone spots that it has taken him years to find on his own.

I also need to know if it is legal to fish these spots as never read my regulations and why should I if I can get a few people to do for me and read the results. After all the regulations are composed of quite a few pages that I would have to take the time to read through which is totally unacceptable. Why should I fish and have to read stuff to be legal on top of it all.

Lastly of course I demand that you tell me what flies or lures are working at this exact time as I really don’t want to spend my valuable time testing different things and want to catch fish right away. Neither do I want to take the time to get to know the waters and what insect and other life that the fish feed on.

Oh by the way I might try the next time I post to say I have little kids I’m taking with me, to loosen your lips on spots. When in actual fact I’m a poacher who will clean out that body of water as fast as I can or maybe I am just lazy.

So post your spots soon, Oh and by the way when I fish your secret spots and don’t catch anything I will come back here and post nasty things about you.

My feeling about some posts on forums

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Hard water fly fishing

When you just have to have your fly fishing fix and the water is frozen.

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