Korker Boots Blow out


Fishing a stream about 2 miles up my Korker’s soles separated from the uppers. Rather shocking as they advertise themselves as a quality product. Having a good look at them you can see there is very little glue holding the uppers to the Sole. Must have been a Monday Morning boot, or the guy was running out of glue. Had a hell of a time limping back. Luckily I had some leader to hold them together for the walk back. Don’t expect them to last forever but where is quality control.

Warranty has expired but emailed customer service, as they seemed to have a rather shoddy glue job to say the least. Not much bonding there. Here’s the answer I received below. Basically too bad fix them yourself. Gone are the days where people stood behind their products. Can’t say I’ll be running out to buy another pair of Korkers and rather disappointed as they are not cheap. Can’t find the glue they suggested but will try Shoo Glue. Let you know how it works. Anyone else had this problem?



Thank you for getting in touch with us, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve experienced a problem with one of our products. For most glue issues and repairs, I’d recommend a product called Free Sole:


You’ll want to make sure that the boots are clean and dry before attempting a repair. Let us know if you have any other questions, thank you.


Best Regards,


Mark Fuller

Customer Service Account Manager

Korkers Products, LLC




One response to “Korker Boots Blow out

  1. I stopped using their products years ago due to this exact same issue. I had my pair about 6 or seven weeks and the sole completely separated. No help from customer service so I just sent them back with a note stating to keep them.

    I’m currently going through a similar process with Patagonia! I’d stick with Simms.

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