Reviving an old fly box

I have a number of Perrine Fly Boxes, the clip type are really nice and I still use them for wet flies, streamers and Steelhead flies. The vintage ones go for cheap. I bought a couple of the #97 style with the spring clips that at the time looked like a great idea. I discovered I didn’t care for them as hooks not only get coughs in the springs, dull quick because of the metal on metal but small flies don’t fit well in them.

Never had the heart to get rid of them because they where so well built. I normally use window boxes for my dries but the down side for me is even with the window if flies get stacked up they become hard to find. Not to mention the number I have lost on a windy day when the lid flips up. I was staring at my Perrine boxes and got to thinking how nice the depth of them where. more then adequate for high wings dry.

Being a cheap retired old fart I decided to re-purpose. Decided to use rubber shelf liner for the base to hook flies into. It’s a lot lower profile than the slit foam. Tested a dry fly by hooking it a few times with no damage.

The old spring system pops out easily with small side cutters. I then used a hammer to flatten some to the rivets that stick up.


Add double sided foam tape to both sides leaving one side of the tape on.


Put the upside-down box on the rubber self material and cut around with an e-xacto knife to establish the pattern size. Dry fit it first and trim as needed. Pull off the last side of the double sided tape and press down the shelf material being careful of the fit.



The flies hook in great and are perfectly separated. and more importantly the wings will never get crushed again because of the perfect box height on each side.




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