Lornce (Silver Doctor)

Growing up in a fly-fishing family he was given a love for fly fishing, tying and the natural world. Lornce started tying commercially in the early 60’s. While may other kids had paper routes, he tied for sporting good stores in British Columbia. He developed a guiding service and between guiding and tying, generated enough revenue to complete Art and Marketing courses at UBC.

As a tier he is highly respected by his peers and now concentrates on classic wet flies and other specially and long lost patterns. Lornce is presently living in Calgary Alberta, the Bow River is his home water but he also haunts the small streams of the Province, and when time permits chases Steelhead on the Skeena and other waterway of British Columbia.

Doc to his friends or “Silver Doctor” as he is know on several on line forums often appears at fly fishing shows and clubs doing tying demonstrations and schools many would be tiers.  One of his other accomplishments is that of a well-known painter and illustrator hanging his works in several western Canadian galleries.


9 responses to “Lornce (Silver Doctor)

  1. Awsome site! Fist time on it an it is loaded with alot of good information. I love your tying. Very wll done.

  2. Hello Silver Doc,

    I just “discovered” your wonderful site. Nice to see a fellow Clark’s and FGFlyrodder posting. It won’t be so lonely with in cyberspace with another “old fly fisher” here for company. I’ve added Casting on the Waters to my blogroll. Cheers…

  3. Apologies for this comment being off topic. Not sure how else to contact you.
    I’m writing to see if you would permit me to post two images from your blog on my website: a Sportsman Cigarette pack image and a page from “Sportsman across Canada.”
    The site is:
    The site is comprised of my own vintage photos circa 1950-1980, some reblogs and other images secured with permission.
    It is not commercial and credit, captioning and link backs would be supplied.
    I enjoy Casting On The Waters. I grew up in Michigan fishing the AuSable and have lived in Vancouver BC the last 40 years but enjoy all accounts of fishing that are personal and celebrate the spirit of the sport. Your blog excels on all counts.

  4. Fantastic site. I moved to Okotoks specifically to be closer to my second love, the Sheep river. I learned to tie flies from my grade 8 math teacher. Fantastic hobby that made winter go by faster. Hope to come across you on the rivers one day. Good luck and happy casting

  5. Lornce
    Been reading your posts for a few years now on the Fly Fish Calgary forums, and I’ve just finally gotten around to reading your blog. I like it very much – I’ve just especially enjoyed the documentary from Hale Orviston on the Cutthroat Trout. I also very much enjoy the old Sportsman’s cigarrette fly catalogues and the sweet old fashioned idea of the Sportsman’s pledge. It’s a corny old idea – younger people probably wouldn’t go for that sort of thing now, words being as plentiful as they are in the “media age”… but I find meaning in such a concept and wish it was a bit more fashionable.
    Best regards and tight lines

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