Fenwick fly Line Review

Thought I would write a review of the Fenwick #4 wt. World Class Dry Fly Line. Popping open the package the line immediately gave me my first surprise. Double loops, this is a great plus as I look on it as a plus of high end lines. It is a dual color, that is, the running line is a nice neutral gray. The head is an olive drab color which suits me perfectly for stealthy presentations. Loading it on a 4wt. reel was easy enough, the suppleness was nice to handle.

I decided to test it on couple of fly rods that where worlds apart to get a good feel for casting. I chose my Loop Opti-Stream in 4 wt. and a Redington Butter Stick 7 foot in 3 wt. I though perhaps the line would fail at one or the other end of these spectrums. The first is a high-end Carbon rod and an excellent performer at distances. The second, although they tout it as a slow action Fiberglass, I would have to rate as a slow mid action is rated at 40 feet or under.

Starting with the Butter Stick I flipped out the first cast and was surprised by a rocket straight cast with tight loop hitting a 35-foot mark without trying. Subsequent casts reached out to 45 ft. with a nice easy canter.  I was able to load the line quickly at the 20-foot mark for short presentations, often a need on small streams. The line laid own arrow straight pulling energy from the rod to lay out in a line. Roll casts where easy enough for those tight quarters casts.

Next, I lined it up with The Opti Stream 9 foot 4 wt. with medium fast action. This will be my go to for the rod. Nice crisp casts reaching out to 58 feet was a comfy distance with a tight loop although with a slight double haul, 60 ft. was easy enough as the line is low friction.  20 feet was the short loading distance for this rod/line combo. It runs a nice roll cast and mend very well. Mending is another solid test for a line and needed for dry fly work and nymphing with indicators.

The Fenwick line is an easy casting weight forward taper that I would rate as a presentation type line. Its designed to load rods quickly and carry a smooth loop. Fenwick has certainly designed it to manage Dries and nymphs very well and should be a joy swinging Streamers and Wet flies. In my view, this fly line is a winner.